2013: The Tipping Point For Integrated Risk And Finance?

Finance office a ‘chaotic mess’

Hear more examples of how technologies can support risk management in this 3-minute video by Michael Adams, Global Head Risk and Compliance Solutions, SAP, video. Modern methodologiesdont require a rip and replace approach when building an enterprise-wide platform for risk and finance integration. Furthermore, the capability can be developed over a period of time using anagile approach that addresses short and longer term needs. Am I right about this?


Selectmen Chairman Kenneth Whittaker said that the board will look into cemetery finances and get back to him. The selectmen approved end-of-year line-item transfers totaling approximately $14,000 associated with the Hamilton-Wenham Public Library, the town accountant budget, from salary to expenses, for contracted services, insurance to street lights, police capital and health agent contract services. A second set of transfers affected water capital to overtime for approximately $150, and fire department training to equipment for approximately $5,000. A third set moved funds within the building and grounds budget. End-of-year line-item transfers are conducted annually and allowed by Mass General Laws.


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