Google Finance now displays stock exchange data for Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Austria, and Switzerland

The five in question are: BM&F Bovespa (Brazil) The Stock Exchange of Thailand SIX Swiss Exchange Wiener Borse (Austria) This takes Google Finance up to more than 40 stock exchanges from around the world, and is in addition to its mutual fund data, indexes and currencies. Google Finance was first launched back in 2006, and as well as displaying real-time financial data from the worlds markets, it also reels in information and articles from other Google products, including news and blogs. Feature Image Credit Thinkstock

Progress on Housing Finance Reform

A fundamental change in this situation requires Congressional action, which is always difficult in our divided political system. Even so, legislation introduced recently by a bipartisan group of eight senators led by Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican, and Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, has focused renewed attention on housing finance reform. Todays Economist Perspectives from expert contributors. I was among the many people providing technical advice to the group working on the Corker-Warner proposal and think there is much to like in it. The legislation includes the essential elements of housing finance reform: a dominant role for private capital; considerable protection for taxpayers against future bailouts; a secondary government backstop to ensure stability; competition and entry by new firms into housing finance so that no future entity is too big to fail; a clear delineation of the roles of private firms and the government; an empowered regulator to ensure that loan quality remains high for guaranteed mortgages; and support for activities related to affordable housing.


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