Consumer Finance Agency’s New Clout

Further Progress on Housing Finance

Financial literacy can be a priority. Todd Zywicki, professor of law, George Mason University The wave of regulation since the financial crisis has already hurt vulnerable, low-income consumers. Chi Chi Wu, National Consumer Law Center Abuses and errors by credit agencies and debt collectors can be reined in and well regulated now. Justin Draeger, National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Voluntary actions by lenders should become federal requirements as the private loan market continues to grow. Beware of Chilling Effects Andrew L.

Is there morality in personal finance?

I needed them; they were free. Practically, this may have been a good decision. After all, it could be a fun, free date night idea. A good, cheap way to spend a Friday night with Brian.


The House Financial on Services Committee will hold a hearing on Thursday to consider draft legislation for housing finance reform put forward by its chairman, Jeb Hensarling, Republican of Texas, that would end the taxpayer backstop on mortgages now provided through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and wind down the two companies over five years. Under the proposal, private investors rather than taxpayers would fund mortgages and take on the risks and rewards of housing investments. Todays Economist Perspectives from expert contributors. New rules would foster increased use of covered bonds, under which a pool of private assets rather than a government guarantee protects investors against losses.


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