Why Every Finance Professional Needs a Degree in Big Data

Weil’s Views on Finance

University graduate programs in operations research with heavy statistical analytics courses are an ideal source for the needed expertise. But they are far too small to fill the growing gap. Most companies are going to have to make a commitment to training their own talent. Virtually all business schools require students to take at least one business statistics class and many are adding more courses in analytics, but what better place to start training than within finance organizations? Numerically-literate employees are the best candidates for training.

Growth will be better than last year’s 5%: Finance Minister P Chidambaram

The campaign to install Larry Summers as Fed chairman is looking shakier by the day Hes a Rubinite and a Citigroup consultant with a history of protecting Wall Street. (Whats there not to like!) Richard Durbin of Illinois, the Senates second-ranking Democrat, says in an interview with Bloomberg News that he would have a lot of questions if President Barack Obama picks Summers to replace Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve chairman. Durbin is among the 19 Democrats and one independent who signed a letter urging Obama to choose Fed Vice Chairman Janet Yellen for the post. The New York Times in an editorial says Summers is not the best person for the job. A solid nominee wouldnt polarize the Senate, much less the presidents own party. So what does Summers think about quantitative easing anyway?

In my meetings with stalled project promoters, new commercial operation date (COD) have been set and in many cases the new COD has been achieved. How much of a dampener has been the global economic development? It was totally unexpected. With so many ifs and buts, Mr Bernanke need not have made that statement (on ending quantitative easing).


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