Why Every Finance Professional Needs a Degree in Big Data

Serbian PM moves to oust finance minister, risking election

McKinsey & Co . estimates that by 2018 there will be up to 190,000 unfilled data-scientist jobs in theU.S. and an unfilled need for 1.5 million managers with analytical skills they can apply to their line jobs. That skills shortage emerges in many pockets of business.

Those are the ones to whom were about to say, sorry the windows closed. Let them eat rent, says John Taylor, president of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, of Hensarlings proposal. Do people in his district pay any attention to what hes doing? Because hes basically advocating for homeownership for the rich only. The National Association of Home Builders, who are interested in ensuring that as many people can buy new homes as possible, shares consumer advocates concerns . By simultaneously leaving all federal support for housing to FHA, and then by greatly reducing the overall scope and reach of FHAs programs, the PATH Act would greatly limit homeownership and rental housing opportunities for many financially responsible and qualified Americans, said CEO Jerry Howard.

A quick-and-dirty guide to the housing finance reform battle

He led an unpopular budget reform process this year, trying to stabilize Serbia’s finances and pull the economy out of recession. Analysts say he would have taken a harder line in cutting public sector wages and pensions, but was reined in by Dacic’s Socialists who were strongly against. On Sunday, Dinkic offered to give up his economy portfolio as part of a cabinet reshuffle, but retain the position of finance minister. Dacic said the offer fell short. “Economy and finance are the most important issues for the future of Serbia and we need an additional impetus here,” he said.


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