Siena Lending Group Closes Credit Facility With Wells Fargo Capital Finance

Bridging Finance And Innovation To Advance A Green Revolution In Africa

“We are very pleased to extend this credit facility to Siena,” said Andrea Petro, Division Manager of the Lender Finance Division of Wells Fargo Capital Finance, adding “We have known and have been impressed with David Grende and his team’s long track record of success and look forward to supporting Siena’s plans for continued growth.” Siena’s business model, team and sponsorship by Solaia Capital were important factors in securing the financing with Wells Fargo. “Our longstanding relationship with Wells Fargo coupled with its market dominance in the lender finance sector make Wells Fargo the perfect financing partner for Siena,” said Michael Carrazza, CEO of Solaia Capital and Siena’s Chairman. “Securing this attractive credit financing speaks of the strength of Siena’s platform and growth opportunities.” Siena’s hybrid business model targets a widening gap between community banks and commercial business lending. In addition to providing direct financing to businesses, Siena offers turn-key origination and servicing capabilities for participating community banks that are seeking exposure in the asset-based lending market.

“There would be1,250 slot machines. Each one of these machines has alogical circuit, data circuit and a security camera. That’s alot of work for Tewksbury electricians,” Antonelli said. Several residents voiced concerns about increased traffic in the area of the proposed facility,near theInterstate 495/Route 133 interchange Alex Stolyar, Vice President of Corporate Development for Penn National, said the companyhad found in its other locations that their facilities’ peak hours did not conflict with rush hour traffic. “Our peak times are post dinner times on Friday andSaturday nights, after7 p.m.on Friday and Saturday,” Stolyar said.”Normally we find it works well. It does not compete with existing rush hour times.” Stolyar also noted Penn National would be paying for any mitigation that a traffic impact study reveals asnecessary in the area. When asked if Penn National was concerned at all about over saturation of the market for casinos with other proposed casinos in the area, Stolyar said the company had factored that consideration into their revenue projections.

George Clooney Ought To Stick To Filmmaking, And Leave Finance To Daniel Loeb

To do so, the agricultural and financial sectors must form new linkages and better align their visions, blending those who can implement innovative approaches to boost agricultural production and supply inputs such as seeds, fertiliser, and water, and outputs including storage, processing and distribution facilities, and access to markets, with those who can finance those activities. To help bridge these sectors, in July The Rockefeller Foundation hosted a summit in Abuja, Nigeria, titled Realising the Potential of Africas Agriculture: Catalytic Innovations for Growth. The summit, one of our centennial convenings focused on forward-looking solutions to challenges that will define our second century of strategic philanthropy, brought together agriculture and finance ministers, along with other leaders, from more than 23 African nations, in an unprecedented conversation to identify concrete ways to strengthen African agricultural markets and value chains to benefit smallholder farmers. Over the course of the summit, participants identified a number of innovative solutions and financing models that can encourage increased lending to farmers. One such model, known as credit guarantees, was pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation and has been taken to scale by Agra with promising results.

Finance Committee Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Merrimack Valley Casino

To put it plainly, just as bestsellers pay for more literate novels in book publishing, so do blockbusters make the smaller, independent films possible. 20th Century Fox begat Fox Searchlight, not the opposite, New Line led to Fine Line, Sony Pictures begat Sony Pictures Classics and then Disney long ago purchased Miramax. Prestige pictures are made easier to green light by mainstream films, and if the financial wizardry of people like Daniel Loeb leads to a more profitable industry, the end result will be more, not less in the way of small movies that so many including this writer enjoy. It will also mean more jobs in an entertainment field that serves as such a powerful lure to so many.


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