Fate of Polish finance minister not known until November: deputy PM

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Sources told Reuters on Friday Tusk was planning to dismiss Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski as part of a major cabinet reshuffle planned in a few months’ time to help rebuild the flagging support for the ruling Civic Platform party. “In my opinion, whether Minister Rostowski will remain in the government will be decided in November at the earliest,” Piechocinski told public radio. State television broadcaster TVP quoted a government spokesman as saying reports of Rostowski’s departure were mere speculation and no decisions about individual ministers would be made until the middle of the government’s four-year term, which started in November 2011. Rostowski has been Poland’s finance minister for six years, making him the country’s longest-standing finance chief since the end of Communism in 1989. He helped Poland keep its two-decade growth streak despite the global financial crisis.

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Polish PM plans to replace Finance Minister Rostowski within months: sources

But the slowdown, which saw the economy flirt with contraction at the turn of the year, proved deeper than Rostowski had anticipated, forcing him in July to raise the deficit and cut public spending. Tusk’s ruling Civic Platform party has been losing support because of the economic downturn. No decision has yet been made about who would replace Rostowski. Janusz Lewandowski, currently an EU budget commissioner, has been mulled for the post but two of the sources said he had told them that he was not interested.


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