HelioPower Acquires Greenzu To Strengthen Energy Finance Services

WB has agreed to finance Diamer-Bhasha dam: Dar

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What North Block needs: Reform of RBI and Ministry of Finance

aWe have also convinced the World Bank to finance the project,a the minister told journalists here on Tuesday. He said the government was able to convince the World Bank that it was not legally necessary to seek an NOC (no-objection certificate) from a neighbouring country to build a dam and that Pakistanas first priority was Diamer-Bhasha dam after which it would consider Dasu Dam. The World Bank has been reluctant to finance Diamer-Bhasha dam and had linked its willingness to an NOC from India a a condition unacceptable to Pakistan. The bank had, however, offered to provide financing for Dasu Dam to produce cheap hydropower. Responding to a question, Mr Dar said the ADB was appreciative of the economic reforms initiated by the new government and had aagreed to actively engage with Pakistana again after the adverse policies of the previous government that resulted in more flows to the ADB than into Pakistan.

But now, says one of his senior advisers, Watsonas followed up with a face-to-face session with Finance Minister Charles Sousa, whoas in charge of the gambling agency. aThe Mayor previously spoke to the Premier briefly on the phone, as well as meeting with Minister Sousa earlier this week,a wrote George Young, in response to an emailed question from the Citizen. The OLGas market research led it to conclude that Ottawa can support one medium-sized new casino, wherever it goes. Sousa has the authority to tell the agency to seek bids on two, if he wants to.

Finance minister promises casino answers by Monday

Some of India’s best economists participated in building a bureaucratic consensus within DEA. All finance ministers, and especially P Chidambaram , encouraged this trend. But unfortunately, in recent past, during Pranab Mukherjee’s finance ministership, largescale staffing changes disrupted this institutional culture. Today’s DEA is launching fewer policy projects, and often gets things wrong, despite the ministerial calibre of Chidambaram, because he inherited a broken institutional culture.


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