India’s finance minister tries to stem panic

Emirates Mulls Sukuk for $4.5 Billion in Planes: Islamic Finance

“We believe that the rupee is undervalued and has overshot what is generally believed to be a reasonable and appropriate level,” he said, according to a written statement. “Capital inflows will, in due course, correct the position.” India has been caught up in an emerging markets sell-off , triggered by talk of tighter U.S. monetary policy . But the slide has been exacerbated by local factors, including a large current account deficit , which reflects the nation’s tendency to import more than it exports and leaves it reliant on foreign capital. Chidambaram vowed to shrink India’s current account deficit this fiscal year, bringing it down to $70 billion from $88 billion in 2012-2013.

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Of the 25 aircraft, financing for 21 has been arranged. Emirates is now evaluating offers for the remaining four aircraft for U.S. and European export credits, Jeffery said. The availability of funding generally, and the factors that influence that, are what keep me awake, said Jeffery.

Finance committee to debate library, ferry funding

Jacksonville Journey is an anti-crime initiative that is currently trying to make the city safer in the wake of a violent summer. Mayor Brown’s budget has a $64 million shortfall without pension reform. The city council recently voted down the mayor’s latest reform package. A budget deal must be in place by October 1. Budget hearings are also scheduled for 9 a.m.

shri chidambaram india finance minister

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